I took Alfie to the Castle Farm Park near me this morning. We walked through the wooded area then it opens out to massive fields and farmland. All of this has public footpaths and is great. I had Alfie on his extender lead and we practised stay and recall, then fetch games, as normal. Then Alfie tired of this so we carried on walking...... but..... he kept jumping up at my legs and the bottom of my skirt ( I don't wear trousers ) I kept correcting him with the 'off' command, but he kept doing it. I don't know what this was all about but he persisted and started grabbing a mouthful of the hem of my longish skirt..... then he pulled............and before I could say 'Jack Robinson'..... my skirt slid down

Stop laughing !! Stop it at once !

I looked all around me to see if anyone was looking, and couldn't see anyone. How embarrassing!

A little while later I met someone with their dogs and we chatted. She asked me if I had seen a lady with a fluffy dog because that lady had told her she had seen someone with a cavalier ( must have been me ) Oh my goodness.... did she see my unmentionables ??????

Has anyone else had any embarrassing moments with their dogs?