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Getting back a bit to where this thread started, there was an interesting bit in the Irish Setter notes in Our Dogs paper recently. Six dogs have been diagnosed with a hereditary disease called Late Onset Progressive Retinal Atrophy (Cavalier eye tests are for early onset PRA). So what do Irish Setter breeders do? The club chairman issues a statement explaining the situation, stating that the Animal Health Trust is hoping to develop a DNA test in the near future 'and when it is available the scale of the problem in the breed can be assessed and an appropriate strategy to eradicate the condition can begin. Until that time the Committee advises against panic and il-informed rumour. While [this] is a serious and unwanted development, we should take heart that previous genetic problems in the breed [the eradication of night blindness is a classic example of good practice] have been conquered by dedicated breeders implementing controlled breeding schemes, and there is no reason to doubt an eradication programme, when launched, will be successful.'

A second statement lists the six dogs already identified by name, and says 'These names are being published with the permission of their owners/breeders in a spirit of openness in order to alert responsible owners and breeders and to prevent the propagation of unfounded rumours.' And I have no doubt that when the DNA test appears it will be a BVA/KC scheme (of the kind planned for CM/SM in Cavaliers) and the dogs tested will be named in the Kennel Gazette and have the result added to their registration papers.

If Irish Setter breeders can tackle a health problem in this way, why oh why can't Cavalier breeders??

Kate (and Oliver and Aled on holiday)
Back to the point. That's a really good example. There some others like that I think too.

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