Good afternoon all,

I have just joined as I have a beautifull Cavlier called Wilbar who is now 10years old, he went to stay with my in laws whilst we had a holiday and when we got back he was unwell, he had developed a cough and was sleeping alot.
I took him to the vet last night to be told that n
my baby has a grade 3 heart mummer... we have been given some dieatratic tablets, which made him wet himself within 35 minutes.
He is a little over weight at 12.8kg and is breaking my heart as all the wants to do is sleep.

We haven't told our two boys how worried we are as i just just know if he'll be better in a few days or if he is going to get worse.

It's such a shock, maybe one of you have had something simular and can give me some advise or tips on how to make him better.

thank you in advance for your help, i have never been on a forum before and hope it will help.