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Thread: A lovely day out

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    Default A lovely day out

    The one day of summer we supposedly are meant to have this August was today. We took the dogs for a long car ride to Kal°, on the eastern coast of Jutland. There lies the ruins of Kal° Castle, built in 1313. It has held some prominent prisoners, among them the Swedish Gustav Vasa, later King Gustav I of Sweden. The castle was abandoned and partly demolished from 1672. Now the remains are listed. We have been there before, and it's a lovely place.

    Kal° means "the island with the calves", and cattle are still grazing on the peninsula. On the picture below there's a dark, cluttered spot to my left, that's the cattle huddling at the beach.

    Something to drink! We always bring bottled water for the dogs.

    Christian and the girls.

    The ruins. You can cross the moat and take a walk by the ruins.

    Molly and ╔owyn are jumping with joy!

    Back home the dogs were treated with outdoor dinner. It's almost like feeding chicken, when I spread their dinner all over the lawn. They are VERY concentrated, and you can almost see their tails wagging.

    Here it is Molly with her nose to the ground.

    Charlotte & Christian
    Molly & ╔owyn & Khaleesi

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    Great photos, I love castle ruins and the historical stories behind them, looks like a great place to visit and the girls had a great time by the look of things . Then the end to a perfect day, dinner on the lawn, brilliant, I bet they slept well.
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    Brilliant photos, looks like everyone was having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing, they are adorable.
    Cindy and Claire
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