It has not been a happy time reading CT over the last few weeks it seems so many of our Cavaliers
have been suffering with problems of one sort or another . And I am not helping as the majority of my
posts recently seem to be about lost/found/stolen boys and girls .

As I now know I have to take my Daisy to Chestergates for a consultation and possible MRI I have been
reading up as much as I can about SM and CM ,its causes, its treatment and especially C.T. members
threads about how each one copes day to day and the various medications they give . I have found these
threads all compulsive, though not nice reading.,with individuals explaining there own journeys from when
they first suspected their Cavalier was suffering from SM/CM and how they coped from daily and weekly and
detailing their trials of various medications to assist some successful some not .

One thing puzzles me though ? how is it I can come to C.T. and read and learn from real peoples experiances rather
than a newbie like me having to trawl through many sometimes complex websites for information ,but when I look
in other places there is nothing there ! Are these problems exclusive to CT members ?as I cant see anybody on
other forums writing about their own personnel journeys and by that helping others who have to travel down
these same horrendous roads ,or as I say is it only us who face these problems are others not be affected.
It would be so helpful if all breeders whose dogs are suffering pulled down their own facade and made available to all
their own stories so as to help us many pet owners and their Cavaliers cope and understand the increasing
problems of SM and CM.