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Thread: Weird episode getting B12 shot

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    So sorry to hear all this. Love Pat's suggestions, and hope that Gracie is feel g better this evening. Poor little peanut has been through so much this month. And momma too!

    If B12 is cold, can they do what I use to do with insulin? I would load the syringe and hold it under my armpit (cap still on of course, lol), or between my lips to warm it up slightly before injecting.

    Personally I would think it would be many weeks that she would have sensitivity along the head, neck and spine areas. Of course, I have no practical experience with this.

    Thinking of and praying for you and your sweet Gracie.
    Cindy and Claire
    Claire was born on Feb7, 2010

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    Default Yes... It can be room temperature

    I feel sure part of it was that she injected it right out if the fridge...and Gracie NEVER had it that way before and was NOT a good time to do it that way.


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