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    Surprised no one brought this up but the licking can also be CM/SM related. I know Cavaliers can be obsessive (Flash has a sever obsession, not related to licking, that nothing has ever helped) but when I think about Cavaliers licking there feet I think of SM. Hate to be the one to say it but since all 3 of mine do it and all 3 of mine got drastic relief from neurological medication I thought i would mention it.

    Blitz did it a lot before medication. He did it so much the fur around his mouth was stained reddish from all the moisture. He would like the air, the couch, the floor, me, & his lips. His neurologist said this related to his SM. Sure enough after starting his proper medication it has lessened drastically. I think I have a video of it somewhere and I will post it when I find it. A lot of times when he would get excited he would just sit and lick his lips. He still does it a little bit when he is overly excited but it is considerably better.

    Flash did it a lot as a puppy too. He would lick the area so much you could see wet spots on the furniture. He licked his legs, the furniture & me. He would lick anywhere from a few minutes at a time to easily over 30 minutes unless I distracted him. Once we started him on his medication for CM it stop. Then around his 1st birthday he has started licking the air. It ONLY seems to happen when he is having a bad CM/SM day.

    One last thing is chewing on the feet... that can be allergies but also CM/SM related. All 3 of mine did it before medication. Flash would chew heavily at his hind legs or just sit and lick on his front paws. Blitz mainly does the hind leg chewing and Holly licked her front paws. I think this has to do with odd sensations they are feeling due to the SM. I noticed both Flash & Holly would look at there feet like something was crawling on them sometimes. Flash would stare at his foot and then bit at it. Since starting on medication he doesn't usually do this anymore.
    Flash Blitz Holly

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    Thank you Reptigirl, This is always weighing on my mind. I am always watching, its hard for me to know if a once in awhile thing is related to CM/SM or often but not all the time is related.
    I am sharing this but I feel so horrible and disgusted about it and VERY angry!
    We had Toby's last shots yesterday. On this visit I asked for flea & ticks meds because I am worried about our walks. I was told when we went to the vet for his first visit NO Flea and tick meds just wash him with Dawn dish soap. We we waited.
    I told them that I wanted and oral med. They said there is no oral med for ticks but we could get Comfortis for fleas. We decided to try this and hope he doesn't get ticks. I saw a thread that the liquid meds are hard for cavaliers so I didn't want that.
    This morning we were gonna give the Comfortis to him. I saw his paws this morning needed a trim so my husband started doing this and when he did he saw a flea on his tummy. He tried getting it off but it jumped away. I was freaking out!!!!
    We fed him breakfast and gave him the pill. I was still freaking out!!! I called my dad who is an exterminator and he told me not to freak out. He asked if we are getting bitten or if we have seen more than one. I said No. He said he would not be worried. He said to Vacuum all the carpets and do the base boards too. Wash the blankets in the living room and that is all. He said if he took a call from someone who only saw 1 flea he would tell them to call someone else who would charge and arm and a leg for 1 flea.
    He said to call him back if we see more but the meds should do the job especially if we are not seeing any or having bites too.
    So maybe this is part of Toby's issue. I feel like such a horrible mom! I tried getting the meds when we first got him but the vet said no!
    UGH! Hope we are covered now.


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