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    Default Back to the pays to be vigilent

    Leo has been very unsettled since last night. He's constantly nibbling at his back end and scratching with the occasional scoot. He would not settle, then he's been up since 6am constantly doing the same......very agitated....
    I called the vet as I was worried about anal gland abscesses and he said bring him down.

    Anyway his left gland was empty but his right one was full. The vet emptied it and said I was right to bring him in before it became impacted and then an abscess could develop.

    Im so glad I did because he's a new boy now. Hasn't scratched or nibbled once since we got back.

    It pays to be aware of any abnormalities at all times and act as promptly as possible.

    I told him Ive been using oatbran and he said keep at it as its obviously helping!!
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    Good deal! Usually Rose has to have her hiney done by now (about every 4 to 6 weeks), and we added the oat bran about 2 months ago (it may have been longer, I'm not sure- I should have written it down :P), but other than an occasional scoot (as opposed to everyday, possibly several times a day and her washing, washing, washing her hiney), she hasn't had any issues. When I bathe her I check to see if they are full (I don't squeeze, I just check for fullness) and last week, I still couldn't feel anything, so YAY for oat bran so far. We get the official word about it working or not in Sept. (time for yearlies ).

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    Default Yep....very good reminder

    Before raw dog food diet, Gracie had this issues regularly. Very common to this breed.


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