Hi all,

My girl Lucy is just over a year old now, and she seems to have learned some bad habits from my mothers corgi, Poe.

Poe is always, always barking, and getting overexcited about the cats in our house (all of whom he's met). Lucy has been fine with our kitties- she met them all when she was a baby, so we've had few problems.

Poe also barks. At everything. It's horrible and I'm 'not allowed' to train him (as he's not mine). But I can train Lucy- who has taken up the very annoying habit of barking.
All the time. When Poe takes her toy, when he blocks her from coming into the living room, when she's upstairs and wants me up there, and so on and so on.

I'm so frustrated- what am I supposed to do to stop this behavior? I'm so thankful for this forum; I've gotten so much help here with my questions and concerns on raising Lucy- everyone around me gives me the most awful advice. Someone actually suggested that I just start yelling at her when she starts barking! I couldn't believe they were saying it..

Anyway, to sum up, I love Lucy- but the barking is driving me bonkers! What can I do?