Toby is now a little over 4 months old. On weekends we leave Toby for maybe a few hrs to go out. Toby has now graduated from just the crate to crate and playpen access. He has his toys, water and a his crate for sleeping. He does well for those few hrs., no whining/barking or being wild when we get back. During the week it is just me here. I do leave to go grocery shopping or to the gym. I am still feeling trapped (for lack of a better word) at home because I feel guilty for leaving him. I want to go clothes shopping but I am afraid it would be longer than 2 hrs. I don't have anyone I can go to for dog sitting during the day.
So I am coming here to ask all puppy owners, how long during the day do you leave your puppy? When you come home do you find your puppy is wild or very whiny? I know puppies should not be alone all day but would like to know what everyone else does when they need "me" time.