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How can he be looking to medicate my dog without knowing if she has CM or SM or POSM? God!!! I've never heard of anyone on here being medicated without a MRI scan being done first.
There are many dogs on medication for SM that have not had an MRI, especially here in the States. I'm glad that Holly posted. If you don't have insurance and/or you are not affluent or if you don't live anywhere near a scanning facility, there is always the option of starting a gabapentin trial to watch for changes in symptoms. This is called "empirical" treatment. It's best to do after a neurologist physical exam and history but many don't even have access to a neurologist. I'd always opt to start with gabapentin for a trial rather than NSAIDs as gabapentin is generally safer than NSAIDS, especially for long term use.

Karlin has mentioned before, and I agree, that insurance companies are likely to eliminate MRI scan for SM for Cavaliers in the future when they figure out how this breed problem is affecting their bottom line. I fully expect that to happen. There will be much more empirical treatment at that point, particularly in this economy, as the average person just isn't going to be able to spend $2k on an MRI.