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I'm glad your dogs walker is working out great.

Not to dissuade you, but for other s who might be considering hiring a dog walker, I would just say be careful with dog walkers & trust your gut. I had the same dog walker for Lucky for 4 years and then things started to feel off. Little things, like a ceiling fan was on that I never use, an object that was moved, the payment check not yet picked up when I came home early from work on a Monday ... I dismissed it and gave the benefit of the doubt. Then my sister got a backache and was given prescription meds and 13 of them came up missing, so we had to fire the dog walker and change all the locks.

Next dog walker we will be getting a nanny-cam. It's a lot of trust that you put in someone when you give them the keys to your house and the responsibility of watching your pets. I don't mean to sway you, because I know there are great dog walkers, but I want to make sure you do understand the risks. There was a person I know on another board who felt something was off, installed a nanny-cam and found out her dog walker was coming in, writing notes & not walking the dogs. There are all kinds out there and you need to be careful.
No, you raise a very valid point. This I was also worried about which is why I went with a company rather than a private walker or a home business type of deal. I like the idea of getting a nannycam, maybe I will do this! I do think Coco is getting walked, because she is not pooping in the house anymore lol! I also admit that I am looking at everything when I come home to see if things have been moved or not.