As some of you will know, last year we adopted Charlie from the Bluecross, he was 12 at the time, and is now fast approaching 13 and a half, when he 1st arrived his MVD had him in pretty rough shape, but with the correct combination of Vetmedin and Prilactone, his heart and chest have been stable for well over the last year, and he's been fighting fit, sometimes to the point of forgetting his own age at times, he's such a playfull lad, and an absolute joy to have in our home,

However we've had a couple of episodes in the last week or so, where we've had to go to the Vets, He has slowed down dramatically in the last week to ten days, to the point, yesterday and Friday, he just used the garden, we never took him on walks with the others, that's when you know he's not well, because even though he's over 13, Charlie still loves a good run and play with the others, he's had a couple of episodes with shakes, where he has fallen, or misplaced steps when walking,

Our Vet has taken blood, for tests, and we'l be back next week, but he's happy enough that Charlie is in no pain or discomfort as such,and is happy for him to be at home for us to keep a close eye, it's been a difficult thing to pin point as through the last week there's been a day or 2 where he's bright as ever again, and the next morning, slower again, I hope it's only old age, and he's having some days brighter than others, and there's nothing sinister going on, but i'm also realistic enough to acknowledge Charlies age, and we will not allow him to suffer, but it's so hard to think about what might or might not happen,

Charlie is one of those dogs that just make you happy, and brighten up your whole existence just by being in the same room, his tail is always wagging, he's happy to see everyone,and i mean everyone, loves a cuddle and a kiss,he is everything that is good about Cavaliers and well dogs really, a true priveledge to have been allowed to adopt.

I'm sorry i've waffled on so long, just thinking "out loud" so to speak