Wondering if anyone knows the best pet insurance companies in the US. Just bought a new blenheim girl who will be 6months when she comes to us. Of course I do want the best as she is show potential and both parents scanned, reputabe breeder, excellent pedigree, good health in lines. Good hearts. Took me many years of searching for the right pup/breeder/ willing to give a new girl a chance.

Second question. Of course with the pup, my fiance and I purchased a new but older house with almost 3/4 acre which is a really good size yard for the area in which I live. My problem here--what type of fence and how high? I checked into having one of those nice white privacy fences put up but he said $20,000, of which I definately do not have, and $15,000 for a wood fence both 6 feet high. I did want a privacy fence as you never know what type of dog thieves might be lurking about--read several incidences of this and seems to be happening more frequently. But it seems right now I might only be able to afford posts with chicken wire--unless I can find a better deal. Also heard from some friends that wire must be buried underground so dogs don't dig under fence.

Can anyone help?

Karen H