Hi There

we got our little Bella on Thursday bless her, she has been a little treasure, the people we got her off gave us a bag full of food they have been feeding her, some sort of kennel food i believe, said to soak in a bit of warm water and then add a bit of pedigree chum to it, which i have done, she had her jab and was wormed on thursday prior to us picking her up, i have noticed her poos seem to be runny, not solid at all, and in the morning and late evening particularly she has some blood in it, and its like jelly looking, she is eating well, i think it must be a fluke but she is going in the yard for all her toilets, we had had a couple of accidents but she has been super, she is playful, and alert, seems to be right as rain in herself, she does that scooting thing too, all the kids find it highly amusing as i have told them it is her way of wiping her bottom lol i have ordered some james well beloved the puppy one, as i know when i have had my older dog in the past he thrived on that, she does seem to be going to the toilet alot, is this normal? should i be worried at all, or is this part of her having ehr jab, being wormed, and coming to a new home and she is settling still, any advice would be great

many thanks