i posted a while back..devestatd about a dream i had..because it felt so real..about my litle oliver who had passed on.
many..and myself believed he was really visiting me in my dreams.

he's done it again..

he dose from time to time..but this weekend particularly intersting..

Ive had a rough weekend..emotionally but mostly physically ive had a very bad virus.

Thursday night i had a fever...it was gone by morning so i went in to work anyways..felt i could mudle through the day.
by 1pm...fever spiked at 103.4..i HAD to go home..there was no choice..except i had to tell the troll (crabby mean bully lady who worked downstairs..the boss was away and althoguh the troll isnt a manager...she was in charge while boss was away)
she bit my head off when i told her i had to go home. i mean she yelled and swore at me...to say my family is a little outraged would be an understatement.

Anyways..i went to the doctor and she said it was a 50/50 chance of strept... (last time i had strept was the day we put oliver to sleep.)
it turns out it wasnt strept because they never called...but either way i was down for the count for the entire weekend..i couldnt get outa bed for two days...still havnt eaten since friday morning..other then a protine shake here or there...today is the first day im starting to feel a bit better. The first day since thursday ive opened my laptop...anyone that knows me..that is HUGEEE. its been MISRABLY BAD.

my two cats have been acting very funny...they've known somethings up although they have been fully attended to, i've pretty much locked myself away in my room all day and all night other then laying on the couch for a few hours yesterday..) theyve been yaowling at the door, trying to rattle the door knob and even knocked..lol theyve never done that.
but amongst their worry...someone else has been worried too

my little buddy oliver has visited me in my dreams every night this weekend.
only this time..i didnt wake up feeling devestated. i smiled because i know we still have a strong connection.
i still miss him more then words can say...but it comforts me to know he's still around.