So I was asking y'all a little while back which Isle of Dogs shampoo and conditioner I should get for Lady. Well after all my research I decided I really couldn't afford it as I have to bathe Lady fairly regularly because she sleeps in my bed. So I looked into their other 'Everyday' range and found the silky coating shampoo, conditioner and brush spray. There were some great reviews on Amazon from Cav owners so I decided to give them a try. And let me tell you, Lady is gorgeous! Her coat is so silky soft and she smells beautiful (like jasmine and vanilla, mmm). The brush spray does wonders and is great for a touch up if I want her smelling lovely again. Also, I recommend leaving the conditioner on for a full 2 minutes for a lovely, shiny result.

For those on a budget, I highly recommend. The shampoo and conditioner are 500ml each and less than the price of the 250ml bottles from the Coature range.

Fellow Aussies, I found the cheapest price online at Grooming & Dog Essentials.