Hey All!

I wanted to ask/ start a discussion about Cavaliers- specifically their cute little noses.

Since I got Lucy, I've become increasingly aware that something was wonky with her sense of smell. It wasn't blatantly obvious- but it does manifest itself in little hints.

For instance, even as a pup, it was very hard to get her interested in her food. We tried everything - finally, in an act of quiet desperation, I scoop some of her food out of her bowl with my hand, and held it right under her nose. She sniffed and something seemed to click in her brain; it seemed as though she was just recognizing that what was in that bowl was, in fact, food. Once she realized it, she attacked the kibble with enthusiasm.

Another clue was the fact that, if I were to toss her a treat for following a command outside, and it bounced out of her sight, she could not sniff it out.

It's not that Lucy doesn't have a sense of smell- it just seems to be very, very weak- especially compared to, say, any other dog my family has had in the past which included a labradoodle, a german shepherd, basset hounds, and, most recently, a corgi.

Is this a common trait for Cavaliers? I've heard a theory that their shortened snouts could cause problems like this, but I'm interested to know if there's any truth to that, at all (I mean, you never know how reliable any source or person can be, right?)

Does anyone else here have a Cav with a less than impressive sense of smell?

It's not interfering with her life, other than the fact that sometimes it is still pretty hard to get her interested in food, but I was just wondering whether this is common or not.