I don't know who to be mad at--the hubby or Bentley--but it could've been a bad situation. The hubby stepped out on the front porch and held the door open just a tad too long. I yelled, "Watch it, your boy's coming!" (meaning Bentley) It was too late and Bentley flew off the front porch and right down the driveway. Our house sits over 700 feet back from a fairly busy state highway. Next thing I hear is husband starting the car, a trick that usually works as Bentley thinks he's going to "go someplace." As husband is flying down the driveway to retrieve Bentley, the dog is on the sidewalk right in front of the house! BUT when he sees the car he chases it all the way to the highway. Next I hear the car horn honking frantically and husband shouting "Help!" I got there as fast as I could and they were both in &/or near the highway and Bentley was on a mission: "I'm loose and I'm going to have fun!" I followed him to the house that's across the road and he wouldn't allow me nearer than 3 feet of him, then he'd dart away. I finally was able to get him cornered near their porch (they weren't home) and he knew I had him and gave it up. I got him in the car and drove him back to our house only to find that the hubby had done all this chasing in his sock feet! All he had intended to do was step out on his own front porch.
This just confirms that Bentley has to be on a leash 100% of the time when outside. I'm even more afraid now that he has seen how exciting his world could be if only he could be uninhibited.