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Thread: He nearly gave us both a heart attack...

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    We don't allow Bentley out off-leash either! My husband just was momentarily careless and, believe me, contrite. We really aren't very good disciplinarians of our dog and have no clue how to "not allow" him to get near the door. Obedience school didn't work very well for us so we did not go to the more advanced classes. Maybe we should've waited until he was a little older before we tried obedience school. I'm afraid he's a spoiled baby. Funny, our 3 daughters were not spoiled; in fact, I've almost detected a jealousy of Bentley from my 48 year-old twins as they've both said something like, "I think you love Bentley more than you did us!" I teasingly have told them that perhaps that's because I can put him in a cage and leave the house for 3-4 hours and nobody will put me in jail. I didn't have that luxury when they were babies. All in good fun.....

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    Our Charlie is good off the lead in the park but sometime when he is going out to the car off the lead he runs over to my mams next door and runs around her garden. I nearly die but if you go get him he lets you catch him. Our other dog however would be gone up the road if you let him!
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    Sure glad it all ended okay. I used to live near a very busy major road and I always made sure to never walk Lucky near that road in case he might be too familiar with it and if he ever got loose try to go that direction. Not sure if that is the right strategy or not. Must be more challenging though if it is at the very end of your driveway, because I guess you are sort of limited then to walks on your property or walks in parks that you have to drive to.

    That said, my mom's Lhasa used to dart out whenever she could, but she did not really get regular walks. Lucky and Sparky get at least two twenty minute walks a day and that seems to easy their need to dark and explore. I dropped Lucky's leash a couple times and I've been able to just remain calm and pick it up. It amazes me (and I don't take it for granted, becuase I know the results might be different next time).

    I also usually try to crate them or confine them so they cannot get to the door whenever I have to open it. Lately however, I haven't been 100% about this because they've been so good. I think I'll take your experience as a cautionary tale though and make sure I do that in the future. It is not worth taking any chances is it? I am pretty sure if my dogs saw a squirrel they'd be after that squirrel regardless how busy the road was.
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