Hello there!
I was first on this forum about a year ago when my 3 year-old was diagnosed with SM. She was doing better on and off with medication management. We have tried Gabapentin, Omeprazole, Lyrica, Prednisone and Amantidine. After gaining 6 pounds in one year and worsening symptoms, we decided to get an MRI. The MRI showed a severe case of SM and the neurologist is suggesting surgery.

I have learned so much on this forum and I'm so glad to have found this resource. I have a couple of questions and I would love any feedback.

Thanks in advance

1. I know there isn't a magic number, but how many SM procedures on Cavs should a neurologist have under their belt for you to feel comfortable?

2. For those that traveled far away from home from surgery, what cons are to be expected after surgery? What was your experience with long-distance follow-up care? Does anyone feel comfortable seeing their local neurologist for follow-up care after choosing an out-of-area neurologist?