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Thread: Too much excercise???

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    Default Too much excercise??? (Pics added for Nicki!!)

    Is there such thing as a Cavalier having too much excercise?

    Lewis (nearly 2) had a full day with Serge and Branden (cavs)when we went to visit Mal and Margie while they holidayed in The Peaks.
    Then yesterday his friend Doug (Border terrier) came round and while his owner and I were busy with paperwork, the lads just ran round the house and garden playing nonstop for two hours.

    Now, today, Lewis just walks to heel behind me when I wallked him off lead in the woods, whereas he would normally be dashing about.
    Now I am home from work and he just went straight to his little bed and even though I was cooking tea and scraping stuff into the kitchen bin, whereas he would normally be underneath the bin, just in case, he is lying curled in his bed in the lounge. Doesnt even put his head up when I say his name or get down to him.

    He ate his normal food last night, and has done a normal poo this lunchtime.
    Is it possible he is just tired, even though it was 24hrs ago that he last played?
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