I had the girls premium renewal invitations today and the are as below .I have them all falling on the same day so I
don't have to remember different days.

Poppy Aged 5 yrs 2 months- no claims ever - premium 160.17
Daisy Aged 4 Yrs 9 months - 2 claims this year approx 2000.00 - premium 137.63
Rosie Aged 4 Yrs 2 months - 2 claims this year approx - premium 2500.00 - premium 137.63
Lily Aged 2 Yrs 11 months - no claims ever - premium 154.23

Total premiums 589.66 which I paid this afternoon.I can only presume that if you claim the amount is spread over
all the Cavaliers as a breed and so you are not penalised as an individual by an increase in premium's ,otherwise how
can Daisy and Rosie' premium who have both claimed be cheaper than Pops who has not claimed . I did ask them last
year why Lily was dearer than Rosie and they just said that they pay out more on a Cavalier of Lily's age than they
do one of Rosie's age. Anybody any other explanation .