Hello All,

I'm completely shattered but it was definately worth while and I'm hoping that together with Tania's weekend at Paws in the Park that this weekend has been a very sucessful one for ourr Cavaliers.

The show was much smaller than I imagined with only 6 stalls, Including my own, a Pay on the day Agility course that was run by my agiity club and then the Pay on the day Novelty classes.

I only saw 2 oher Cavaliers the whole day so all things considering I was pleased to be able to raise 130 for Cavalier Matters!

The Dog treats I baked were so popular that I had sold out of all the biscuits by 1pm and the Liver Cakes soon followed and having the treats there really helped sell the Recipe books too!!

Of course I would have loved to have a much bigger total to tell you but considering the lack of Cavvie people there I was pleased to come home with that much to be honest!!!