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Thread: Had a sucessful day.....

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    Well done Karen and congratulations to Charlie the Wonder Dog on his Gotcha Day.

    Things were quieter at Paws in the Park than when we went to Discover Dogs.
    Although we did see all manner of shapes & sizes of cavaliers ( and a couple of sweet cavalier crosses ) the majority of dogs seemed to be larger working dogs.
    There were an amazing amount of husky/malamute/eskimo dogs. I had not realised how popular they had become.

    It was worthwhile being there as we did deal with a lot of queries........about where to find a puppy, about where to find a stud dog and a great many about the health problems of the cavaliers.

    There were some upsetting tales. It is heartbreaking to hear upset owners explaining they are on the minimum wage and just cannot afford the money to take their pet to the specialist recommended by the vet.
    Margaret C

    Cavaliers......Faith, The Ginger Tank and Woody.
    Japanese Chins.... Dandy, Benny, Bridgette and Hana.
    Remembered with love......... Tommy Tuppence and Fonzi

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    Ah thank you everyone - I was really worried that It would be a lot of work for not much gain but I was pleased wth the result and to top it off my wonderful friends at my Agility training club have been very generous and donated half of their takings as well so there is an extra 40 on its way!!!

    Thanks for the support everyone and hopefully it will be the first of many stalls I may be able to do in the future!!!


    Ruby - my stunning soul mate who defies the odds every day
    Charlie- my angel at heart and devil at play

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    Well done everyone. Karen, the tables are beautiful, and every bit raised is wonderful. Just too bad it couldn't have been more considering all the work you went through.
    Cindy and Claire
    Claire was born on Feb7, 2010


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