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Thread: Checking in .. new doggy coming and good times for Gracie

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    Default Checking in .. new doggy coming and good times for Gracie

    Good to be back to visit with folks again. Always fun to see happy news and sad to see troubled times for others. We have been really busy after Gracie's surgery for SM about 5 weeks ago, but wanted to report back on what we are up to and Gracie's recovery.

    GRACIE'S PROGRESS: She is doing sooooo well. We have switched her medication to Lyrica and she takes it 2 times a day. We have been able to get the genertic at a much lower cost, but not without a lot of effort. It is well worth it because she is now better than she has been in months... she plays hard and is so happy. It sometimes brings tears to my eyes that she very rarely has signs of SM at all. And she could not be any sweeter or more beautiful than she is right now. I hope that those who have dogs diagnosed with SM can take heart from Gracie's journey. At least for now, she is doing so so well and having a good life.

    NEW DOGGY COMING! On Oct. 22, I fly to Chicago area to pick up a 10-month-old male Cavalier who comes from a very unique background. Four generations of MRI-scanned lineage... all without the chiari malformaton. Yes... there are a few Cavaliers and I am on my knees in gratitude that we have this opportunity to support an amazing breeder who had this condition on her radar screen very early. If you want to know the breeder, I can provide privately but not publicly. He was neutered yesterday... poor guy! We are looking forward to bringing him here. I know that he still may develop SM, but at least the chances are lower and we can support a breeder doing her best.

    NAMING NEW DOGGY-- CALENDAR CONTEST! He is a cutie pie named Stryker, but we now have a bet going related to this. I really stuck my foot in it this time! Basically, we have agreed to name him something a bit funny if we can get 100 of the new CT calendars sold to my Facebook and personal friends in Gracie's name. This started out as a joke, but has now taken hold and the breeder thinks it is a great idea. So... if I get 100 calendars sold, he will be.... BUBBA!!! Yes... Bubba. For those not from the USA, this is a nickname that is very rural Old South and very anti-Cavalier... a bit like calling a Great Dane something like Peewee or Prissy. But, to raise money for a good cause, it shall be done! Stryker is not all that Cavalier-like either .... sounds a bit like a bulldog to me!

    Thanks to all who provided support and prayers during and after Gracie's surgery. I love you all more than words can say.
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