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    Default Kokoda as of today

    If this is in the wrong spot, i apologise, you may move it. I had no idea where to put this!

    I am warning you, a lot of blabbering!

    With so many health problems in our breed i was always going to get insurance for my little boy Kokoda.
    I got around to it and did that this morning!
    After going through countless brochures and websites for what seemed like a million insurance companies i found one that I was happy with.

    So he is officially insured as of now!
    We just have to go to the vet and get them to sign a form saying he is healthy so that we can't scam any money out of them i supppose.
    But the vet is just down the road and we are allowed to visit to say hi at any time, so we might do that tomorrow afternoon.

    The other thing is, I would like to change what food he is on.

    He is currently on what his breeder has used for 20 years, Royal Canin junior.
    Our breeder ususally keeps them on it until they are 12 months.

    He gets some tuna, sardines and raw mince and a few assorted veges on his food.
    With an occasional omega 3 supplement.

    I also give him suitable left overs, such as pasta sauce and veges.
    He LOVES beans, apple, carrot, blueberries and banana!
    But he only got a little bite of my banana this morning becuase they are SO expensive here!

    He is healthy and his fur is lovely and shiny, but
    I still wanted to start feeding him raw. He already gets chicken necks every morning, and other bigger bones every now and then.
    But the problem with raw is that I can't see where I will find the time to prepare his food.
    So I was looking into Ziwipeak. I know it is expensive, but if it keeps him happy and healthy nothing is too expensive.
    Plus I have heard you don't have to feed them as much of it as other dry food.

    Does anyone have experience with Ziwipeak?
    I have read on a few other sites that people like it.

    And I was thinking a premade BARF rosette? (like those little pre packaged patties or i saw them in rolls once)
    Who feeds their dogs these?
    I have a friend that gets it delivered to her house for her German Shepherd and her dog is looking great. She has the shiniest coat!
    So I might get it from there.

    I am also looking into the coconut oil. I read on here somewhere about cocotherapy oil, what is peoples experience with this?
    Someone also kindly sent me the link to an Australian coconut oil once, but i admit I never got around to trying it.

    So what do you guys think?
    Any reccomendations on ZiwiPeak? Premade raw? Coconut oil?

    I am open to ANY suggestions, I love my puppia harness that I got upon reading your reccomendations.
    So i trust you!

    I am also interested in your dogs favourite toys/ chews.
    I need a few new toys because Kokoda is obsessed with any rope part on the toys i have for him.
    He chews them apart and pulls out all the little threads and I am worried about them getting stuck somewhere inside of him if he eats it.

    So, more reccomendations!

    Here is a photo of Kokoda for reading all of that, we just got back from the dog park and he is tired!

    Kokoda 21-09-2011 by KokodaTheCav, on Flickr

    Thanks everyone!
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