Okay...so as you guys know from pics, Brooky is mostly white. And I am having a sort of issue...the adult long hair has gotten pretty long between her bum and where she pees (sorry, there is no lady like way about this thread!)...and I am noticing that hair there is turning a bit yellow and smelling like pee (ewww). I was bathing her every 2 weeks, but now I am every 4 weeks, and it is that 3rd week that I start to notice it if I get up close.

Any help with this? Does anyone else have this problem? When she gets groomed she gets trimmed around the bum, but not lower. It is like the feathers that are the longer ones from the bum down her back legs and continue under her.
This is obviously a vain question, but I am wondering if I should trim these feathers back? I am just not sure what you guys do and I have never had to think about it before because they have finally just grown out! It is really just the pee scent that is getting me