As many of you know, I wrote about Sydney having to be rushed to the ER 2 months ago. The reason for this emergency was his body wasnít getting enough oxygen and his abdomen was filling with fluids again. Also, he had a very severe staph infection all over his body. My opinion is that he couldnít fight both heart disease and the staph infection and that his body decided it had enough. The funny thing is, he came and alerted us to this in a way he only does in distress and I firmly believe that even though his body gave up his mind didnít and thatís why he is still here today.

He has had a marked improvement since then, still having good days and bad days, but the good days seem to have outnumbered the bad. His energy level has increased, his appetite has always been good, but it seems like heís enjoying his food more rather than just eating.

On the down side, he has had a somewhat bad week. I am seeing things Iím a little concerned and worried about. In another post, I wrote how he was having trouble with is hind legs when trying to stand. Itís more than just slipping on the hard floors now. I have taken precautions with towels and throw rugs to keep him as safe as I can. Just recently, he is actually having trouble moving his legs to stand, even on carpeting. The other day I had to boost him up as his rear legs couldnít do it. After walking around for awhile, his front left leg seemed to pull up and jerk around. It was like he had no control of its movements. He wasn't able to get that leg down to walk. He was in a perplexed state (as was I) as to why this was happening. It took about an hour before all was normal again. However, I can see that there are still problems going on with the rear legs. I also hear a scraping sound sometimes when he walks as though he is dragging is paw on the pavement. The other thing is that, for no reason I could tell, he vomited several times last week.

We are going to the cardiologist on Friday for his 2 month check up and I will bring up these issues. Not sure if any of them are related to his heart. He does have arthritis down the length of his spine, so the leg problems could be related to that.

Sorry for the long post. Wish us luck on Friday.