Hi Guys,

Hope everyone and their little ones are all well

I have been away studying for 1 week at uni, and my hubby has become the carer of our little almost 5 month Cavi Molly.

He has just told me quite a funny story about how, when he was out at a first aid training course (for 3 hours), she jumped up on the dining chairs and got up to a tin of opened dog food on the dining table, pushed it off the table to the floor and ate the entire thing.

When my hubby came home, she instantly ran outside (something she NEVER does, as she usually is super excited and waiting for a pat!) and when he went out to 'confront' her, she started whinging and crying..obviously she knew she had been found out!

I have never had her do this to this extent before, she has stolen a tissue a few weeks ago, and when i said "Molly No!" she bolted out of the room with it and ended up dropping it in the lounge room (obviously realised it wasn't worth it), so i picked it up and walked over to where she was laying and she instantly started sooking! I took that as her knowing that she took something she knows she isn't meant to take. Tissues being one of them! (Side note: I did not raise my voice at her, i just stood there with the tissue in my hand with a look of "oh really?!" on my face) lol.

Has anyone else noticed their dog trying to get away with things at this age?