Rupert's Fund is supporting a research project in Canada to investigate pain so it is better understood and treated. It aims to look for structural damage to the brain and spinal cord between Cavaliers with and without clinical signs of pain associated with syringomyelia (SM) and chiari-like malformation(CM)

This pilot study is supported jointly with the For the Love of Ollie Fund. It is being conducted at the Thames Valley Veterinary Services (Jane Sykes and John Butler) in cooperation with the Lawson Health Research Institute (Karen Kennedy, Frank Bihari and Lela Deans in collaboration with Dr Rusbridge in the UK).

Jane Sykes is providing free pre-anaesthesia bloodwork on the dogs and Clare Rusbridge, a free grading certificate, which has allowed costs to be kept to a minimum. Thanks to Karen Kennedy''s hard work in co-ordinating the dogs, Rupert's Fund is delighted to report there have already been 7 A grade dogs identified, 5 of which have been over 6 years of age!!

This project has been made possible by the hard working army of Cavalier lovers whose donations, however small or large have made a huge difference. It is an excellent example of how breeders, researchers and pet owners are doing the best they can to ensure we get much needed answers.