Hi all. This Friday I took Éowyn to her annual vet check (she will be 3 years old, soon) and vaccination. Overall her health is fine, she is her happy, wagging self, but over the past year she has lost almost 2 lbs. /1 kg. She now weighs 15 lbs. /6,8 kg. Molly weighs 18,5 lbs. /8,5 kg. They have always been very different, Molly is heavier built than Éowyn, and we have to take care that Molly doesn’t get choppy. Éowyn is slender and agile, and she is much more active when playing in the garden than Molly is. Éowyn is still within the normal weight range, but we have to fatten her up a bit. Maybe a solution will be to change to high energy food and then feed them differently. We feed them with food from Oliver’s (Danish brand), which several Danish breeders use to.
Another issue was her teeth. She has got some plaque and the beginning of gingivitis. Her vet told us to get that fixed as soon as possible, and I have now booked a time for her on Wednesday. She will get anesthesia, which worries me the most. I know it is a minor thing to get done, and I know it is not a surgery, but I am still worried. Wednesday will be hard. I shall drop her off in the morning, and the vet will call me, when she is awake and tell me when to pick her up. Fingers crossed everything will be well.