Zumie invited us to try Herding with her and Coco. At first I thought Herding? a Cavalier Herding? I knew it would be interesting to see Toby try to herd and it would be fun to get together with Zumie and Coco. Zumie said Coco was like Toby in personality and she was right! Toby had such a great time with Coco. They played very well together. Toby went up to every dog he saw and wanted to smell and lick each one. I was very surprised at how well mannered all the dogs were.
Toby did real well at Herding. I do think he played a little too much before the herding so he got tired fast but for a first try he did well. He herded sheep and ducks. My husband was with him during the sheep herding, my husband had caught a cold from his boss on Friday but was willing to still come with me today to do this. So he did as well as he could out there with Toby. Then my daughter went with Toby for duck herding. I think Toby got his second wind during this herding. He really enjoyed himself.
He also tried the agility equipment they had available out there. I think he had a great time today! He slept all the way home. He took a bath as soon as he got out of the car! I was not having him touch my floors with the nastiness he had on him LOL He slept after his bath for a long time and is just lounging around now.
We plan to go back maybe once a month or so. Its great exercise for him and he meets some great dogs.

To Zumie:
We had a great time with you, your husband and Coco. Thank you for inviting us. Anytime you would like us to go with you again, please let me know.

Here are the videos from today.** WARNING they are LONG videos**
Zumie will be posting some pictures she took of Toby for you all to see too.

Playing with Coco and the dogs:

Herding & agility: