Hi all!
So I just had an appointment with Brooklyn's neurologist, 1 month after her first does of gabapentin started so that we could assess and talk through how she has been doing (thread on what she has been going through here: http://www.cavaliertalk.com/forums/s...orrow.../page3).

So, as you know, Brooklyn has been on 100 mg of Gabapentin 2 x per day for the past month...she has not been MRI'ed yet as our neuro wants to test out a few things and rule out a few others before we rush into an MRI. Well, I hate to say it, but she has been doing better. Not that I don't want her to feel better, of course I do! But I don't want her to be better on Gabapentin because that could mean SM. Anyway, it was at this time though that we also switched her food to venison and kangaroo only, so the neuro does not want to jump to conclusions either because this benefit could be from food. Either way, I do notice that about 2-3 hours before her next does, I notice Brooklyn scratches again or drags her head on the floor (she does not yelp, does not air guitar, and does not have touch pain when you touch her neck or pick her up). So, the neuro recommended that we put her on the same does, 3 x per day now and see if it closes that gap where she scratches before her next does. If it does not, that might mean it is not necessarily does/medicine related and her reduced scratching could in fact be allergy related. If it does close that gap, it could in fact be helping the SM, not something else.

Anyway, we will do 3 x per day for 2 months and then again re-assess to see if adding that extra dose takes out that "in between" dose scratching or not. Also at this time she will assess taking her off meds and seeing if nothing changes (in which case that would say probably not syrinx related) or if she went back to dragging her head and scratching all day (in which case she would order an MRI asap because it would most likely be syrinx related). So...more waiting, but I like her approach for now. She just does not feel Brooklyn is a case she wants to shove in an MRI right now as she is not convinced it is a case yet until she tries and watches some of these 'experiments' with meds. The next few months should tell us a lot and to be honest, I am happy Brooklyn seems a lot more comfortable...I just don't know what it all means as of right now (the hair finally grew back on her right leg that she had been biting so much! happy about that. She only bits her right side but it is reduced a lot). She really only scratches/head drags now first thing in the morning and around 4-6 pm before her next evening pill. Who knows if that is habit, food or the pills for now! Sigh.

So...now onto my question for those of you that give 3 x a day...I am doing the maths and I am not awake when she would need it. I wake up around 7 and go to sleep around 10. So, I would either need to do 7am, 3pm, and 11 pm and just stay up later or get up at 6 am, then do 2pm and 10 pm. Trying to figure out the right way around this, any help? What do you all do? Will 30 min make a difference or do the doses need to be spot on every 8 hours?
I will do what ever is needed, I just need to shift my schedule and would love to know how everyone who give three pills a day manages! Advice would be helpful, thanks!!

That is our Brooky update, good, bad and still confusing. But we will keep going, it is a slow trial this one, but I know it is worth it to figure out the right next action steps.
And on a side note, I love our neurologist. She specialises in SM, so I feel so safe and happy with her...but on a personal note, she also is just amazing. She is open to my thoughts and questions, my opinions off reading Clare Rusbridge's site and on here and she has no problem talking with me about it without making me feel like a silly animal owner talking to a well educated neurologist! She is lovely and really puts in an effort with Brooky, not too aggressive in treatment, but also proactive.

Now I just wish I knew the answer to this little puzzle! In due time.

Can I also just say...I love my dog