Hi guys,

I just picked up my princess from the vet

She had HUGE anal Glands which i expected from her scooting the last couple of days. She also had an umbilical Hernia..which i was told from the vet was hereditary! Which was a shock for me! I would have expected this to not have happened in a 'good' breeder.

Also she had an ear infection which i figured. And i asked the vet 3 weeks ago to check it out to which they apparently checked out and found nothing.

Thank goodness for this elderly man who looked at Molly today!

She is whinging and doesn't lay down much and seems to be extremely upset. The vet told me Cavi's don't bounce back too well straight after surgery as a lab would. So i expected her to be like this.

Any tips for me for those who have gone though this? I am so heart broken at her state as she is usually so affectionate and bubbly and extremely crazy-active!

I also got a cone from the vet to place on her head as I'm scared she will lick/bite her stitches.

Shes laying infront of the heater right now trying to get comfy