So I have to share with you guys a very funny and quite embarrassing story. Last night I took Sonny out into our backyard to potty and I usually wait on the back step and give him the command to go and he will run to the lawn and do his business. Well as he was going I noticed something next to him that I didn't recognize as a toy, it was long and dark and kind of curled up. I realized it was a snake and grabbed Sonny and ran into the house to get my husband. My husband went outside and verified it was a snake. We were pretty sure it wasn't a rattle snake because we didn't hear any rattling or see the rattle, so we were guessing it was a garter snake, but this still deeply disturbed us. I got on the phone and called multiple animal control and wildlife animal pick up services to see if someone would come help us or give us some advice. Of course all of the places were closed since it was 10 o clock at night and I could only leave messages. I finally got through to an emergency wildlife service, but they said that they would only come out if the animal was injured during after hours and that I should call back in the morning, but that the snake would probably leave my yard on it's own by then. My husband and I decided there was nothing we could do and would have to put Sonny on a leash that night to go on his final potty run and we would have to take him to the front yard. We searched and searched the house but could not find his leash anywhere. I was getting really concerned because Sonny can't go in the front yard without a leash and we couldn't take him in the backyard because of the snake. Finally after searching for 20 minutes my husband went to look outside because he had been doing training exercises earlier with him and thought he might have left it outside and that was when we realized that the "snake" was Sonny's leash...... In our defense our backyard is poorly lit, but still the whole experience was very amusing and embarrassing!