Hello All,

I feel a bit sad today. I know alot of you take your Cavaliers to groomers for hair cuts and so on BUT I never have.

I always wanted to keep their coats as natural as possible and although I trim Rubys feet and clip behind her ears to prevent matting, I've never done a full clip on her coat.

But with Regret I gave her a hair cut yesterday. She cant cope with the brushing as much and is very sensitive on her left side of her head and face. She copes much easier with trimming than she does brushing so I've trimmed her chest hair and leg feathers right back and her belly hair is still short anyway since it was all shaved off in July when she was very ill. I'm going to keep it short as well ive also trimmed back the hair around her rear and inside back legs.

She barely has any hair behind her ears- but that isn't visible unless you look under there.

She doesnt look terrible by any means but I just feel sad that I cant brush her much anymore as she used to sit there for hours and let me- It was like our bonding time almost

Yet another thing I can't do becasuse of this bloody horrible condition