Let's see now.....I wonder how much this little darling has cost us since January when we first fell in love with him: The last thing, as far as I know, was two nights ago when he chewed the power cord of my laptop. Replacement cost? $64, including tax. He is 10 months old and had paid no attention to that cord, draped across the arm of my recliner and on the floor over to the wall, since about a week after we got him. At that time he made a few little tooth dents in the black covering, I scolded him fairly firmly, and he had ignored it ever since. The young man at the electronics store said Bentley must've received quite a shock but I don't think he did. There was no reaction at all. I almost wish he had been "bit" just a little so it would be a deterrent. (or not!) From now on the power cord will not be within reach!