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Thread: Advice on Bringing New Puppy Home and Potty Training with Lead

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    I'm glad your fence is up but just a word of warning, these little pups are so small that they can find the teeniest litle gap in a fence and poof! they're gone in a flash. I know - Oz did it twice! You would have thought I had learned my lesson after the first time, but it took me two times before my brain kicked in. The first time, he found a place where the fence didn't quite touch the ground and since he weighed under 5 pounds he was under it in a flash. And I was right there but couldn't get him.. I had to climb over a 5 foot fence to get him.. Luckily he stayed right on the other side. I pushed him throught the hole and prayed that he stayed there while I climbed back over. After plugging up that hole, I thought we were safe. NOPE! We have two different types of fences on our property as one is our neighbor's so we just built our fence right up to theirs. Our neighbor's has vertical strips that my other dog's couldn't fit through and I didn't even think about Oz fitting through. Again, a 4 pound dog can fit through anything!!! This fence though is 8 feet high and I couldn't climb it. Again, I was lucky that he stayed right there and I could reach through and pull him back. So, until I could get the fence people out to totally bury every section of the fence and cover our neighbor's fence and I checked every inch of it out, Oz was on a leash every time he was outside. These little guys are wily!!

    Have fun watching him grow. Before you know it, he'll be too big to fit through any gaps in a fence!!
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    You are so right about the fence, as I learned yesterday afternoon when Bailey got to meet the golden lab, Sunny, that lives next door. Sunny was on the opposite side of the fence and, as Bailey loves making new doggy friends (the bigger the dog, the better, it seems), in his excitement he discovered that his head easily slips between the posts of the fence. I scooped him up as he was starting to step through.

    We knew this was going to be an issue until he was grown a bit. Fortunately, his meeting with Sunny was the first time he even approached the perimeter of the fence. This weekend we are planning to line the bottom of the fence with that plastic type mesh fencing so he can't slip through.


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