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Thread: Collar or Harness?

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    I also use a harness for walking, but when training attach the lead to the collar. I found with Bonnie who had SM she also was unable to tolerate the harness her scratching intensified and she also bunnyhopped. So I just used the collar when needed but very rarely with her as she never strayed further than a few meters from me.

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    For my new cav I have been using the Puppia since he was about 8 weeks old, so he doesn't mind that it gets pulled over his head.
    I do love the puppia harnesses, but the EZYDOG branded harness is EXTREMELY hard wearing!

    My previous cavalier, i used the ezydog harness for 6 and a half years. It shows NO sign of wear and tear what-so-ever. Just chuck it in the washing machine if it gets dirty and it comes out looking brand new!

    And i will most likely get another one of them once he is fully grown because of that fact and i have heard about the buckles on the puppia breaking after a bit, so i just feel safer with one that i KNOW has lasted 6.5 years...

    I use a collar inside the house at all times with his council registration tag and my contact details etc attached to it, becuase i only use the harness for walking. I occassionally take off the collar when using the harness, but usually i forget
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