Hi everyone We are taking Rossi to Chestergates again on Friday as he has been getting worse. As you know Rossi was diagnosed in April by mri and has been on gabapentin 3 times daily with metacam for bad pain episodes. To be honest, although he hasn't had any bad pain episodes since he has been on it, his face rubbing and ear scratching hasn't stopped and have become more frequent and he has developed a bad limp on his front right leg. He can hardly move around after he has been resting and seems better when out for a walk. What are your experiences? Is gabapentin supposed to stop the scratching, rubbing etc.? I am going to ask the neurologist about a csf inhibitor as he hasn't even mentioned this to us and I know that most of your dogs are taking one. Our neurologist said thatRossi has a small syrinx, do you think that is the reason he has mentioned a csf inhibitor as he perhaps was going to suggest it if Rossi deteriorated?