Thanks again for your input, it's greatly valued. The neurologist has given us tramadol to be taken on it's own. He never mentioned upping the gabapentin [Rossi was on 100 mg x3 daily]. He just said that it looked like it wasn't helping Rossi. I mentioned CSF inhibitors at the last appointment but, as I said, he was very reluctant to use one and said that omeprazole can cause stomach tumours. I don't know how long tramadol takes to work but Rossi has been on it 2 days now and his symptoms are just the same. I just don't know whether to really push for getting on a csf inhibitor as it may really help Rossi but I am very scared of causing another really serious problem as I think Rossi has enough at the moment. It's terrible when you know that their well being depends on your decisions when there are so many conflicting ideas of what routes to take. I just don't know what to do