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Thread: Syringomyelia

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    Default Syringomyelia

    Hi, I haven't gotten my pup yet but after reading all the horrible things about Syringomyelia I'm seriously considering not buying her after all.

    My main problem is everyone says that that's it's responsible breeding that's important. The breeder I'm getting my dog from doesn't really know about the dog's petagree. See the woman he bought the mother and father from was seriously ill when he bought the 2 plus another female. He didn't realize at the the time that the female was already pregnant. So he can't tell me too much about the genetics. (he does offer a health guarantee of 4 months)

    I know many of you will say don't bother buying the pup, but I've wanted a Cav for a very long time and the only other breeder that's remotely close is over 7 hours away, and I don't know for sure that breeder's reputable.

    I did contact several breeder asking about Syringomyelia and one said in 6 years she's only had 1 pup that had no outward signs.
    Another breeder said that it was mostly due to inbreeding in the UK, and that she had never had a diagnosed case.
    Yet another breeder said that although it is a concern it's not as widespread as some people would claim. (she also cited the inbreeding)

    So basically I have to ask, is it worth it? I'm not rich. I can afford the basic care of a dog, but anything too expensive (such as an MRI) I could never afford. Is it mostly a UK thing? Or if the dog does have it, is it usually not too severe?

    Thanks to everyone who responds.

    EDIT: Since it is a question that has been brought up (by a breeder) and even though it's been dismissed by all of you, I am curious just how many of you are in fact from the UK.
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