I've spent all day trawling through all the SM posts on here! We have been back on the omeprazole for three days, he has has lost that dull look in his eyes and has instigated play behaviour so I can only assume he is feeling better. He has also stopped choking/coughing when he is eating, on Tuesday morning he wouldn't eat at all,I had to feed him from a saucer as he was lay down. He is still dragging both front feet so I am busy cutting up play mats for our path outside.....he did however make an attempt to chase a bird so that made me smile. These dogs have such courage!
His balance however is awful, my brother came to visit earlier and of course Blue got excited and he just couldn't keep upright. I am definitely going to ask for a referral to Chester Gates from my vet. It makes sense that it would be the right place to take Blue to, my vet has been excellent but I would value an experts opinion. In one way his novelty factor might bode well for a speedy appointment!. I tend to look at Blues future as short term but reading all your stories there are some brave little dogs that do well for maybe years on the correct treatment....so that is my new plan of action! It's so hard to sat positive when you see the confusion on your dogs face and the struggle they have, but you have to fight just as hard as them, and be the person they are worthy of.