It's good that you have your referral, and I completely understand about looking forward to it, it does help having a neurologist to speak to. We had battled our old vet for months on Misty, after changing vets it only took a 20 minute consult to get our referral, and I felt nothing but relief at the time.

Try not to dwell on the signs you think you may have missed, I was very angry with myself for not changing vets sooner, but someone on here pointed out it does no good to kick yourself over it. Hindsight is indeed a great thing

I never had any videos to show Allison when I went to Glasgow on Monday, I just wrote down a list of Misty's symptoms beforehand. Again, that advice was from someone on here, I forget who, my memory has been terrible lately. It was just in case I forgot anything on the day, as it can be very overwhelming, I felt sick to my stomach waiting in reception.