Wow, what a long, long day. Left home at 7am, faced with a closure on the M25 at Jnt 5 I wasn't looking forward to the journey and got there in around 2.5 hours. Not late though so that was a miracle!

So on to the little guy, he is beyond asleep- comatosed is the word I would use!

First consultation and Clare did her normal tests, he is very sensitive around his neck (literally just below his skull) didn't like the pressure at all and also at the base of his spine but no sensitivity in between.

Clare was running a low cost scanning day and to be honest I tried not to talk to anyone there, don't know why- I just didn't want to. So she had a busy day and didn't pick him up untill 4.30pm, she hasn't had a chance to have an indepth look at his scan pictures as yet but from first glance not much has changed.

He has a degree of deterioration of the spinal chord around C2 and his ventricles are still the same as before but no obvious syrinx. A cross section at C2 shows something so I will wait and here her report.

We have decided to start him on a non-steroidal for 4 weeks and assess his symptoms alongside it.

All in all it isn't terrible and certainly not as bad as I thought at this point but will wait and see Clares report before relaxing!

Thanks for all your wishes and for making me feel not so alone today!! Its a great comfort knowing you are all here for us at these nerve wrecking times!