Hi all,

Got our report from Clare today,

After she has time to look at his images more closely,

shows that the degree of Ventriculomegaly (dialated ventricles) is still the same, the picture still looks like a carved out halloween pumpkin.

The only progression is a small central canal dialation with associated spinal chord oedema at the level of C2/C3.

She goes on to say it is small and will likely only develop in to a small syrinx of up to 4mm and that we have concluded the majority of Charlie's clinical signs are associated with the Chiari.

He has been on Metacam now since Friday and already seeing a small improvement- he had a day or so of loose stools and since Monday has been back to normal and he scratches far less when Excited.
He would sit and scratch for up to a minute or two as soon as I got the leads out for a walk and at any time, excitement would cause massive amounts of scratching.
So, so far so good and his eyes are also weeping far less!!

So i'm pleased with his progress and fingers crossed he is alot more comfortable right now than he was this time last week!