Has anyone else given their pups deer antlers as a chew? Usually then come cut in half (so they can get at the dried marrow) and cut in length to the size that you want. They are wonderful! Brooklyn carries hers with her everywhere and they last forever, no kidding. I have a tough chewer and she has been working on her split piece for about a month! They don't splinter, are really safe and dogs love them. It is more of a chew vs. something they ingest (only little shavings of the marrow really come off which keep her interested, the rest "wears down", so they won't "eat" they whole thing if that makes sense. They don't really swallow any of it. Here is a link where I get Brooklyn's, but they also sell them at pet stores and online:


When I order mine, I just message her and tell her what size I want for Brooky. And she shipped all the way to Australia and even sent me a free extra one. It was so worth it and not expensive at all. Oh, and they are naturally shed (so no killing is done in antler chewing!!)

You can google them too, lots of stores sell different kinds, but this woman splits them, which keeps Brooky interested MUCH longer