I took Star to Dovecotes a few weeks back as she was having trouble jumping up onto the sofa and had yelped a few times and the neurologist there didn't do an MRI because after checking her over and seeing how she was jumping onto my dads lap said that she was fine, showed no signs of deteriation and he was reluctant to do an MRI at that time but told me to keep a diary and if she had this blip again to bring her in where he will do the scan.

Since then she has been fine but today she has yelped a few times when my little girl and our other dog has gone near her. She's also yelped when she jumped on the sofa and even just getting out of her basket made her yelp. I really think the weather changes affects her as last time she was like this the weather was changing.
My question is should I get her in for an MRI or see how she goes over the next couple of days??