We have Misty's appointment in Glasgow, for her consultation today, and possibly her MRI, as long as there are no emergencies. We've fed Murphy as normal, so we're getting the bashed puppy look from Misty, the girl does love her food, and can't understand why we're not giving her any.

We've to be there for 11:30, so that's four hours away, but we'll be leaving in about an hour and a half to travel up. I've written all her symptoms down, got her claims form and insurance, and packed her fuzzy throw to bring her home with. I feel exhausted already, needless to say I never slept much last night, and I'm a little uptight, but once we've set off I think I'll feel better.

Murphys staying with his 'Nana' while were away today, so I know he'll be in good hands, so at least there's one thing less to worry about. My MIL has just retired so her parting words on Saturday were, "if the curtains are closed just send him upstairs"

Thank you all for your continued support, and I'll check in later